Sapphire engagement rings are becoming highly popular these days, and the reason is obvious – they are unique and symbolise good fortune. Not only has this gorgeous gemstone been mentioned as a symbol of value, love and good luck in the bible, but it has also been known for its association with the British Royal Family. 

The British Crown Jewels and Lady Diana’s engagement ring hold sapphires. This gemstone has a rich history and has long been favoured by celebrities for making royal jewellery. Numerous sapphire designs are available today, from the colourless stunning sapphire engagement ring to the blue giant faceted. 

Available in various colours, including purple, pink, orange and brown, the sapphire ring signifies honesty, sincerity and faithfulness, and the meaning behind sapphires makes them so special for engagement rings. 

Indeed, sapphire is one of the most preferred gemstones throughout history and was considered one of the most valued gemstones in ancient Rome, Persia and the Middle Ages. This rich history and elegance are a couple of reasons for the rising popularity of sapphire engagement rings. Here are some more reasons why it attracts so much attention- 

Sapphires are unique

Sapphire engagement rings are among the unique selections, particularly the colourless sapphire. Beyond that, sapphires are also unique because they have wide varieties in their shades. 

You won’t find any two similar sapphires. ‘Even if they are of the same colour, same design, or same cut-you will still find the uniqueness in this gemstone. People think sapphire only comes in blue; however, they naturally occur in various colours, including yellow, green, pink and white.

The teal sapphires, peacock blue sapphires and sea foam sapphires are quite popular, for a good reason. These gemstones are extremely rare and gorgeous, but there are many more reasons to choose sapphire for your engagement ring.

They’re comparatively affordable.

The cost of a sapphire depends on various factors like size, shape, cut, colour, variety, and origin. However, they are comparatively inexpensive than diamonds of the same carat weight. 

This is why couples who want an engagement ring with a large centre gemstone but don’t want to go for high cost choose sapphire. Sapphires look beautiful in any style, from modern to vintage or antique, as solitaires or even with those accent stones, which can be another reason to choose a sapphire engagement ring. 

Sapphires come in varieties of colours. 

Sapphire comes in various shades, ranging from profound blues to lively greens, bright pinks, purples, white, yellow and more. Not only do the shades of sapphire differ, but the hues. 

Light, neutral shades to dark and intense ones – there are options for everyone. An attractive dark yellow gold sapphire engagement ring can be a classy option for your partner, especially if they love vintage-style ornaments. Also, you would be surprised to know that rubies are red sapphires as they both are composed of the same mineral (corundum).

Sapphires are more durable. 

Sapphire has a Mohs hardness of 9, and this high durability makes this gemstone a preferred choice for everyday wear. In addition, sapphire doesn’t have dissolution or partition, so they don’t easily break when hit or struck. The gemstone is also scratch-resistant. If you choose a sapphire engagement ring, you choose the long-term association, as Sapphires keep sparkling for years. It’s one of the perfect choices for an engagement ring as it is not only gorgeous but will withstand a lifetime of everyday wear.

Sapphires signify royalty, wisdom, and good fortune.

There’s an obvious reason why Kate Middleton, Prince Charles and other celebrities chose sapphire for their engagement ring- it is one of the earth’s treasure chests. People state that sapphires symbolise wisdom, nobility and good fortune. 

Along with emeralds, rubies and diamonds, Sapphires are the rarest gemstone that can add charm to your engagement ring. Sapphires signify royalty and nobility, so people prefer them for royal engagement celebrations. Sapphires have been known for their association with romance and are considered a symbol of royalty.

Bottom Line

From colourless white sapphire engagement rings to ironic dark-blue sapphire, sapphire engagement rings are an attractive choice. The most popular sapphire engagement ring style today is the halo ring design. Well, now you know why sapphire engagement rings are one of the most popular choices. So, it is time to flaunt your stunning choice and go for sapphire!