Life is too short to be taking health risks and not following a nutritious and wholesome food plan, and this goes for all living things, humans and pets included. The only variable is that our pets rely on us to know what’s best and hope that that’s what you’re giving them, so being in ‘the know’ is highly important when it comes to organic and home-grown food produce and great options like Dr. Marty’s Pet Food.

As our schedules seem to be busier with each year, and even more so if you have a household full of children and animals it can be tricky trying to decide what is or isn’t healthy. We then essentially opt for the easiest and most convenient option at the time, and unfortunately, these choices add up and could affect you negatively in the long term. 

Having a fuss-free and easy to use ingredient that takes no thinking about, besides the initial research, and the days will soon be filled with one less thing to worry about. Having the foundation and basics sorted and organized and the rest will take care of itself, as the old saying goes.

A natural ingredient.

In our family, we always try to give our pets the most organic and natural food products possible, either those that we have grown ourselves, (see some great tips on growing your produce) or that have been manufactured by eco and environmentally aware companies looking out for your best interests and that of your animals. 

It does cost that little bit extra to use all-natural and toxin-free foods which is why we continued our search for added products and stumbled across what we consider the winner of all search engine results.

This ingredient not only changed the way we prepared our pets’ meals but within a mere few weeks, we began seeing changes in their behavior, coats, and physical appearances. And the great thing about it is that it is so simple to use and implement without them being any the wiser. Win-win.


A pure gift from Mother Nature herself, this plant and flower are known as CBD, but with the more technical name of Cannabidiol – read here about CBD origins and history– has changed the way people live their lives with increased quality, and pain-free, what more could you ask for?

When grown, harvested, and manufactured for distribution it comes in various forms, the more popular being the CBD oil as its versatility works for all species and age groups, and great for adding a few drops onto doggy biscuits as treats for the furry family members while benefiting their health.

Its popularity has grown over the years and, like with all products, is tweaked to suit particular breeds and personalities of pets to optimize its efficacy and maximize its advantages. 

We know after living with our dog or other pets how they feel after a long day, exhausted, or wake up in the morning on ‘the wrong side of the bed.’ With a CBD product for all breeds, there is something for everyone in every mood.

Whether it be an energy kick to get the day started and get them out of their ‘funk,’ or they overdid it at the park and are feeling the aches and pains of over-stressed muscles, popping a tailor-made treat on their morning meal will set them right as rain in no time.

Having a range of options in the pantry is always a good thing to ensure you are ready for anything that life tries to throw at you, for any family member, and even more so for pets as they have little voice to express their concerns or ailments.

To see what products are available and to find the ones suited to your pet’s dynamics check out for a wide variety of choices and to get professional advice on what could be the winning formula for your particular pet.

There is nothing more heart-warming than seeing their flopping ears bounce around as they sprint around the garden in endless joy, running through the sprinkler system and living life to its fullest, as it should be. If we have the opportunity to afford them this experience then we should do it sooner rather than later, am I right?