If you are moving house then you have to make sure that you have everything in place to make sure that your moving day is perfect. If you fail to properly plan and prepare then you are going to have a very tough day which is already going to be stressful. In order to make sure that moving day goes well, we have some tips for you on how to prepare and how to get things in order. Many in the industry like Warren Van Dam are vocal about the importance of getting your moving day prep right, and here is what you should be thinking about.

Calling in the Troops

One of the most important things here is that you call in friends and family to give you a hand on this day. Even if you are using a moving company it is still important that you have some hands on deck, to help with all of the extra bits such as cleaning up and making sure that nothing is left behind. If you are going to call in help then be sure to do it early so that you give people notice, and look to ensure that everyone has an allocated job for when they get there.

Labelling Up

Do not underestimate the importance of adding colored stickers to your boxes depending on which room it is going into. If there is one thing worse than packing it is unpacking, and that is why you have to make sure that each box corresponds to a room, and that way there will be no issues when you get to the new place.

Early Start

No matter how far you are moving, an early start is going to be absolutely essential to you here, so make sure that the movers are on board with this. The earlier that you start, the bigger the difference you are going to make during the day.

Plan Large Items

If you need to remove windows or doors to get items out then make sure that you have this planned ahead of time. The last thing that you want is a delay during the day because of the fact that you have to take out massive items, try your best to measure these big items and see whether or not they can be moved out with ease.

Focus on Fragile Items

Nothing ruins moving day quite like having fragile items broken and the responsibility is first up to you. This means that everything fragile is well wrapped in paper and materials which will make them less likely to break. This also means that you should clearly label boxes which are fragile and keep an eye on them as they are being loaded. Once they have been loaded the responsibility is no longer yours, but at the very least you will know that you have done all that you can to keep those items secure.