Online 3Making your company stand out to potential customers can seem harder than ever but don’t worry, there are a huge number of things you can do to bring massive marketing returns to your company. Marketing online can bring you a massive boost to your company and can give you a huge number of visitors instantly but to get this you need to be doing things that other customers are not doing. Good marketing will transform your business and has the potential to bring you a lot of money. Here are some unique things you can do to make your company stand out online and make your marketing more effective.

Run a competition – Competitions are great ways to stand out online and create buzz. If you want to gain attention, nothing works better than to give away something for free. There are a huge number of competition you can run and having a competition will drive social buzz around your brand. Using an online tool such as EastPromosApp will help you to organise and deliver a competition, it’s easy to organize a video contest with the easypromos tool. A competition combined with a campaign can give you a huge return on investment.

Create video content – Video content is great for communicating what you do as a company and explaining your product. Video content is not particularly about driving traffic to your website but is about convincing leads to become customers and customers to become clients. Good video content will help to create brand evangelicals which know lots about your brand and keep coming back. And we suggest using a Teleprompter for video so that it will look more natural and professional.

Be useful – One of the key rules for having good campaigns online is to be useful, useful content is more likely to be shared and will have a higher conversion rate than normal content. Your company is specialist in something, share your unique knowledge and insights. It will help you to gain new customers because it will establish your company as a knowledge leader in your field. Many companies write blog posts about what they do or a how-to on a simple task. This king of content will get you many interested leads who want to work with you.

Make the news – Being on the news for a positive reason is always a great and very cheap way to gain a huge amount of ROI. Think of a story and approach journalists, maybe you can run an event or help out some local charities in your area. Be useful and stand out, this will attract journalists to you but be proactive in contacting them.

There are a huge number of things you can do to stand out in a crowded market, but the most important thing is to be useful and people will come to you.