A Website accessibility overlay is a powerful tool for website owners. It helps improve the outcome of using your website exponentially. It aids in achieving your website’s objectives while keeping all the intended users in mind.

Let us talk about some benefits of using an accessibility overlay on your website.

1. Improve Your SEO:

A benefit of using website accessibility overlay is that it improves your page rank and ranking on search engines such as Google. The reason for this is that once you enable the accessibility overlay, crawlers will be able to crawl through all of your web pages and index them in their databases. This provides greater exposure for your website.

2. Improve Your Bounce Rate:

Another benefit is that the overlay will help improve the bounce rate of your website. This means that your visitors are not leaving or bouncing off your site immediately after landing on it. The more time they spend on your site, the more chance you have of converting them into customers and clients. Not to mention how much this helps with your SEO ranking because Google likes websites with high time-spent rates (because high bounce rates can mean poor quality content).

3. Stop Distraction:

By using an accessibility overlay, you can improve web page readability and comprehension by blocking out any ads, pop-ups, and other distractions from the webpage. Visitors will be able to focus

4. Improves User Experience

Most users don’t use any special tools to browse the web; they simply use the default settings on their browsers and rely on built-in accessibility features. These are just regular people who may be using a mobile device without a mouse, someone who can’t see the screen, or a person with a cognitive disability. By blocking out ads and pop-ups through your website accessibility overlay, you are improving their experience by allowing them to remain focused on what they came for – in this case, your website’s content.

5. It Improves UX for the Accessibility-impaired People

Any user might not be comfortable with the normal functionality of a website, but if you use an accessibility overlay, it will make things easier for people who are unable to see or browse normally. The best part about these overlays is that they can easily be customized to meet individual needs. This way, every user gets to experience the same comfort level as other users, without any barrier between them and their desired outcome from visiting your site.

6. It’s a Great Way to Educate The People About Disabilities

If your website is accessible, you have the opportunity to educate people about disabilities and how they can help others who are disadvantaged. Just be sure to include an accessibility disclaimer on every page of your site so that the users know that they’re benefiting from this service and it’s not something that they can simply disable.

7. It Provides Free Assistive Technology

The best part about using an accessibility overlay is that you are now giving your site visitors access to free assistive technology for browsing your website without any disturbance. This provides equal opportunity for all people no matter their disabilities and enables them to overcome the disadvantage of not having access to special browsers or assistive technology.