Samsung has been having a difficult time coming back from the Samsung Galaxy Note7 recall and problems with its washing machines. But even through the PR nightmare and speculation, Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S line is still highly anticipated. The company just held a press event for the Galaxy S8 that confirmed many of the phone’s new features.

Infinity Display

The last several models of the Galaxy S line have featured an edge display that was new to the smartphone world. With the Galaxy S8 they have taken this even further with a complete edge-to-edge display. The entire front of the phone is covered in glass that spills onto the edges without a bump or angle. You can still hold the phone in one hand, but it provides a more immersive experience.

TechRadar says in its review they didn’t experience any accidental taps when holding the infinity display screen. The phone has advanced technology to prevent this from happening, but the button-less home icon still functions well when it senses pressure.

Iris, Fingerprint and Face Scanner

Samsung is looking to make your life a little easier with its new security features. You no longer have to remember a password or PIN to get into your phone but rather can use biometrics to unlock it. The iris scanner is a brand new feature that uses the patterns in your eyes as authentication.

There also is a fingerprint scanner and a face scanner. The fingerprint scanner is located on the back (near the camera) so it doesn’t interfere with the edgeless display. While this location may make sense for the front of the phone, Trusted Reviews doesn’t like its placement because it’s too easy to hit the camera button instead of the scanner. The face scanner is similar to those seen in other phones, but it adds to the trio of biometric unlocking mechanisms.

AI-Enabled Assistant

Samsung’s new AI assistant might be one of the most anticipated features on the S8 smartphone. While you may have been using Google Now on your previous Samsung smartphone, the new AI, called Bixby, is much more powerful. There are three ways to interact with the phone (talk, text and taps) so you can use it when you’re in a crowded place or when you’re at home. You also don’t have to worry about it understanding the awkward “OK Google” or “Hey Siri” catchphrases.

Bixby also is integrated into other features of the phone. For example, it works with the camera app to help you search in new ways. You can take a picture of a product and find where it’s sold, the lowest prices and other information. You can also take pictures of landmarks and receive information about them as well as suggestions for where to go for dinner in the area.

Similar to Google Now, Bixby gives you information about your schedule, recent searches, news and your health. It can remind you to do something based on your location (such as work or home), and you can see all of your online information in one place.

Many review sites, such as Business Insider and Tom’s Guide, are excited about this feature because it will solidly compete with Siri, Google Now, Cortana and Alexa. They also are predicting that the AI will move into other Samsung devices.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 also will have a more powerful processor, an enhanced camera and better security. These anticipated features are helping Samsung make its comeback and compete with other smartphone releases this year. The Galaxy S8 will be available in a few short weeks from most major providers.