A lot of us out there will fondly recall the times we spent on holiday with family and friends, taking in the beach and the seaside, with not a care in the world. With the humdrum ins and outs and pressures of work and school life in the back of our minds, there was plenty of space for great experiences and memories in the front of it. Whether these recollections comprise your time on the shoreline, playing cricket with your mates or your siblings, or simply walking a mile or two to pick up shells with your mom, they were no doubt plenty of fun and still ring true in your mind today.

A step up

The collection of shells has since become quite a marketable product, no longer reserved for mere aimless meandering along the beach, but now with plenty of advertising and substance behind it. Whether or not oyster shells for sale or other types for mass buying is your thing or not, it is becoming increasingly popular – and something you might want to consider going forward. For decorations and even for practical purposes, shells can come in handy when you need them – and sometimes they even offer a two-fold service.


There is a lovely piece of thinking across holiday homes around the world that sees shells used as decorative pieces on mantles and tables, to add to the seaside feel of the apartment or accommodation. Complemented with light paint colours such as blue and white, this will work really well together, with the beach theme really bringing a good and warm feel to the home. The dynamic thing about shells is that they can be used as individuals or as a collective. For instance, a big shell can be a standout, standalone feature because of its unique beauty. Smaller shells can be used together, in a pile or strewn across a surface for a really pretty effect.


The most common practice for some shells is to put them across a piece of string and build a bracelet or necklace. This works well for children when it’s their playtime and it can do well for adults, who might just need a cathartic, relaxing hobby to undertake. For the smokers out there, wider, more shallow shells can act as a nice, pretty ashtray. It’s a common practice in countries like South Africa and Australia to do this sort of thing.

Be careful

Shells are, of course, quite delicate items and could be cracked or crushed if not handled with care. There is always the danger of them being harmed by fingers or hands of small children, who don’t have the mindset to handle with care. This, though, is a risk you might have to take if you want such things decorated around your home. It is always advisable to notify your visitors of your precious decorations – and they can perhaps have a quiet word of caution with their children before sitting down to a nice cup of tea and a catch-up after a long time.