The digital world has never before seen such frequent use of images like it sees today. For example, the most popular photo sharing platform, i.e. Instagram, has already crossed the eight hundred million monthly users mark sometime back. Quite surprising but what does it convey? Well, it gives a clear hint that images that grab attention play a pivotal role in attracting a crowd. Be it a beautiful scenery in a countryside or a click of you enjoying some kind of adventure sports; there is a significant population which gets attracted to these pictures and becomes your follower. So, when it comes to an organisation, utilising apt images when the content is being drafted, would definitely be appealing and attract better traffic.

If you look at the most prevalent social media platforms and the content that is displayed there – you would hardly find one without engaging images. This proves how essential the usage of images in your content is today. More than the content, it is primarily the image which attracts you to read the content. For example you can check the Spiel Animations’s blog, which has many helpful articles and images that immediately attract the reader. It is not always mandatory, and neither is it advisable to use flashy images to attract users. Usage of simple and subtle images which are relevant to your content would also create an equivalent appeal amongst folks. The important thing is to use suitable images which relate to your content. Keep in mind that putting up images which have zero relevance to your content can create an altering effect too.

Some of the other visual content options the website Income Artist mentions are:

  • Infographics: Images do not only mean that it has to be a click of something beautiful or a snap of an inanimate object or a moment; you can also use signs and words in a pictographic format to attract or convey something. These are primarily known as infographics. Infographics has taken the world of content marketing by storm. A combination of images and words to convey messages are being accepted widely.
  • Memes : The other excellent option of attracting good traffic is through Memes. It is basically the combination of a popular or funny image with an apt statement. Most of the memes aim at conveying the element of fun, but there are also stances where other aspects can be conveyed through it too.
  • Comics: Comics might be considered as a classic option but still is one of the most effective ones. Though it involves a lot of skill and hard work to create a piece, the degree of attractiveness it carries is unlike any other form.
  • Videos. If you can attach relevant short clips with your content, it can lend a different stature to your content. Not only would the readers be getting a clearer picture of what you are trying to communicate but at the same time, it would be really engaging too.

Stimulation of visual sense in an individual can only be achieved if you add visuals to your content. And if the above options are utilized properly, then you would surely be able to achieve some good traffic for your content and grow your business.

About the author:

Shruti Gupta is a blogger & a digital marketing consultant at with lots of passion to write about technology, startups & other niches. She has contributed to a number of famous websites. She live and breathe in digital marketing. Her aim is to spread her thought-provoking ideas to all generations.