After a long winter, spring is the best time to check your roof and attic for wear and tear, critters, or any other potential issues. Attic ventilation is very important when it comes to retaining an equal attic temperature throughout the year. Water might be sneaking into your attic due to the long season of ice and snow storms in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), which might have caused damage to your roof. A poorly ventilated attic inundated withmoisture and water poses severe problems, suchas mold or even wood rot. Before even removing the mold from your attic, it is very important to know what caused it in the first place, so that you can be sure it doesn’t return.

Most attic mold is caused by a roof issue, however, sometimes the cause is more understated and hard to detect. The problems leading to the growth of mold in your attic could be poor ventilation or roof leaks and improper venting from pipes and vents. There are a few ways that you might check for a roof leak. You can start by inspecting your roof for discoloration of wood and hiring a local roofing company to check on your insulation, rafters, joists, covering and the attic side of fascia sheets.

It is very important to use a ventilation system that balances the amount of air coming in and going out. Air enters the attic through soffits that are essentially vents cut in the bottom of the roof extension. Ventilating air can be accomplished by using any of thesefour tools in isolation or combination: gable end box, box vents, power vents and ridge vents. The combined use of a ridge vent and a box vent can cause the ridge vent to draft vapor – loaded air from the box vent, causing a destructive cycle of attic moisture accumulation.

Mold and moisture in your attic is an indication that there is a lot of air from your living space that is trapped in your attic. Mold can also result due to an improper installation of vents right when the roof went in. For instance: if a bathroom vent isn’t properly installed and you take a shower, all the moisture goes into the attic where it gets trapped. Just because your bathroom is mold free, doesn’t mean your whole house it. If you’re storing anything of value in your attic, mold could destroy or devalue it, so make sure to check it out every once in a while.

To avoid attic growth, it is important to have it properly ventilated. Molds produce strong enzymes that destroy and rot the wood that makes up your home and its internal structures. It also exposes your loved ones to mold contaminants which can lead to several potential health problems and complications. While looking for a roofer in the GTA, it is advisable to contact a reputable professional roofer who will inspect your attic and help you solve the mold problem. If a roof leak is behind the growth of mold in your attic, a professional roofer will repair the roof so you can rest assured and sleep tight.