The sportsbooks at most real money online casinos currently have Chelsea at around 18/1 to win the Premier League this season, leaving them as 4th favorites. Now this is understandable given the might of City and Liverpool, plus the investment which Spurs have been making into their side, but there maybe a certain Chelsea player who can tip the balance in favor of the Blues. 

That player is Raheem Sterling, who City have recently acquired for a cool $60million, and here is exactly why he could prove even the best casino US online wrong. 

Age Counts

It is easy to think that Raheem’s best days are behind him, given the amount of time that he has been tearing up the league for both City and Liverpool before him. What we have to remember however is that he began ini the league very young and that Steering is in fact just 27 years old. For most players this is their prime, and that is why we are very excited to see just what he is going to bring to this Chelsea side in the coming season. 

More Than Searing Pace

For so many years Sterling’s game was all about his pace, and many players like that actually lose ability as they age and slow down. Whilst this could have been the case for the new Chelsea signing, he has in fact grown greatly during his time in Manchester and is now so much more of a player than just greased lightning. Sterling has not only been able to improve his finishing, but he is a far more complete player and that will certainly help out the Blues this season. 

Missing Piece 

When Chelsea played Werner, Havertz and Lukaku last year, they looked out of sync and the trio just didn’t work. This is certainly what caused Lukaku so many issues, and why he was left out of the side. With Sterling in the setup it will allow for much more freedom for Havertz and Werener and if the 3 can form a relationship, with players like Mount and Pulisic behind, Chelsea could be a real force. 

Goal Machine

We have already mentioned that Sterling has upped his game since he joined City, and goals are something which he really has managed to add. Sterling has the ability to score goals from anywhere around the box and he really does have a poacher’s mentality. Chelsea play in a way which sees a lot of balls coming into the box from wide areas, and whilst he may not be up there challenging for headers, he will be ready for the scraps when they come his way. 

Quite why City sold a player like Sterling is unclear, quite why they sold him to a rival is even more confusing. What we do know however is that should Chelsea go on to mount a title charge this year, or look to win trophies, Raheem will be the player who helps to take them there.