TikTok has become a widely loved entertainment platform over the past few years. It offers you a wide range of videos, ranging from entertainment to fashion and from comedy to romance, and much more. The variation in content is certainly diverse, which makes it stand out. Scroll through the endless pool of videos, and you will certainly find content that suits your taste. 

This is why downloading videos and watching them later is certainly a good option to look forward to. And with the passage of time, many downloaders have been invented which make it possible for you to download content, without any hassle. When you research through some of the best software, you will definitely find a great tiktok downloader without watermark option as well. 

But how can you use these downloaders? How do they download videos for you, with or without a watermark? And are they legal to use? There are many queries that confuse one, in regard to this context. But we are here to help you. In this piece of article, we have compiled a step to step guide for downloading TikTok videos. 

Can I Download TikTok Videos?

The developers of TikTok definitely knew that the audience would want to download videos. The content variety would instigate anticipation. Therefore, they made it a quick and easy process on their own. 

Yes. You heard that right. You can download TikTok videos easily, within a click or two, and the platform developers have made it a simplified process for you, themselves. Furthermore, you are welcome to download content and enjoy it thoroughly, without the need for an active internet connection. 

However, there are some limitations to it. All the videos that you download, according to the options given by the platform, will have the watermark on them. This is to keep your content secure and prevent content theft. Secondly, according to TikTok’s guidelines, you are not allowed to share, post, or send the content to someone who intends to steal it. And so, the watermark always remains. 

Moreover, TikTok allows users to limit the option of downloading their videos as well. Many content creators turn off the download option for their videos, too. 

If you want to download TikTok videos, you definitely can, following the guidelines of the platform. But now the question arises; can you download videos, if the content creator has turned off the option for its users? Or can you download it without the watermark? Let’s find out. 

Can I Download Videos without watermark? 

According to TikTok, you cannot download their videos without the watermark. But there are a little software that can help you in doing so. And the process is quite easy and quick. 

Just follow the below-mentioned tips, and you can quickly download videos, without the watermark. 

  • Download the software or video downloader that you have chosen for this purpose. 
  • Open the tool and go through the instructions. Each downloader has a specific set of instructions mentioned on its homepage. If you want to skip the instructions, you can easily do it on your own too. 
  • Simultaneously, open the video that you want to download. Copy its URL.
  • Open the downloader again and paste the URL on the tab. 
  • Press convert and download and your video will be ready to download in a matter of seconds. 
  • Many downloaders also provide you with different formats that you can convert the video to. For instance, if you want it in mp3, you can easily convert the video into that form as well. 

These downloaders are usually available for laptops, smartphones, and PCs. This simply means that no matter on which device you want to download the videos, you can easily do so, with the help of this software. 

However, it is very important to know that you must not use the content for illegal purposes. For example, you cannot use the video as your own. The creator of the video can take legal action against you, in such situations. 

How to Choose the Right Downloader?

Now, choosing the right downloader is equally important. There are a lot of options available in the internet world these days. And they all sound pretty promising. However, be aware of the spam. You don’t want to choose a low-quality downloader. 

Thus, here are some quick tips to choose the right downloader for yourself:

  1. Look for the different options available. You will come across various downloaders and choosing one can be a little tough. Thus, lookout for some choices before choosing one. 
  2. Read reviews about the downloader you are intending to use. Many times, the quality of the videos is not HD. Therefore, choosing such downloaders is not a great idea. 
  3. Evaluate the interface of the downloader. Is it user-friendly? Is the process quick? If yes, then it is a good software for sure. 

If you want, you can check 2-3  downloaders before picking one to assess the quality of the videos. You can opt for the one which derives the best one possible. 


Downloading TikTok videos is quite straightforward. The platform allows you to do so, on its own. And the downloaders make it easier to download content that is restricted by the creator as well. Thus, it is certainly not impossible to download videos without the watermark too. 

However, you must keep in mind that the videos must not be stolen and you cannot copy the content and claim it to be yours. It is absolutely illegal to steal someone else’s content and legal action can be taken against you. 

At the end, you can easily download the videos by the steps mentioned above. All you have to do is copy the URL and paste it in the downloader’s tab and your video link will be available to download.