Many people consider the idea of marrying a foreigner an idealistic and cinematic courtship. After all, there are movies that are made about it, and love songs written about it. Falling in love with someone abroad is certainly a romantic idea. However, along with the romanticism also comes some harsh realities. 

Even though you may have met the person of your dreams where you least expected them, you’re in for some surprises when it comes to the realities of being with someone from another country. 

Whether you’re considering getting into a relationship with someone from another country, or you’ve already found yourself head over heels, here are some of the biggest challenges you’ll face when you find love abroad.

Immigration Laws

Bringing your spouse or fiance to the United States is not an easy route. It involves a lot of waiting, and plenty of paperwork. Not to mention, you’ll probably have to be separated for long periods of time while you get the paperwork together. 

Whether you decide to live in the United States with your partner or move to their country, immigration isn’t easy anywhere. If you’re prepared for the challenges ahead of you, then it will be less of a rude awakening when you find yourself in the midst of it. 

Communication Barriers

No matter how well each of you speak the other language, there are always small nuances that can get lost in translation. As such, you may mix up euphemisms, get confused when asking each other to pick up things at the grocery store, and above all, it may lead to heated arguments. 

Sometimes something may not be offensive in one culture, however, it is incredibly upsetting to another. Be prepared for minimally small spats over things getting lost in translation. If you can remain patient with each other, and anticipate these moments of potential language barriers, then you’ll be less likely to sweat the small stuff.

Meal Time Can Be A Challenge

Despite how delicious you may think your country’s food is, it may taste revolting to people from somewhere else. At first, it may not seem like your tastes in food or all that different, yet, as the years go by you start to realize that what you crave for dinner is hardly the same as what they do. You may find yourself yearning for a hamburger when they have their heart set on ceviche. Trying to take turns choosing meals, and be open to the other’s tastes. The more open-minded you can be, the more each of you will benefit and try things that you might not have necessarily tried