PRINCE2 ProjectEvery project that you handle is going to give you a new opportunity to shine. Project management is the sort of role that allows you to make a big impression on senior management by going above and beyond and above the call of duty.

Of course, you can’t be expected to go the extra mile all the time. So, it makes sense to understand when to make an extra special effort to do this. Once you realise that this is a good idea it is a question of making it happen.

Beat the Deadlines

Every project ends up being a race against the clock. In the majority of cases, you will be happy just to get it done before the end date that you have been given. Yet, might you sometimes be able to beat the deadline?

This can be useful for a number of reasons. For example, it might let you move on to a new project more quickly than you had expected to be able to. The business area might also be desperate to start using your solution.

When you use the PRINCE2 methodology you will have a plan that has been carefully plotted. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t make a big effort to try and finish off the whole thing before anyone is expecting it to be ready.

Deliver Extra Functionality

Adding on extra functionality is a dangerous business, to be fair. If you do this then you run the risk of ruining the main deliverables or of giving the end users something that they don’t really need or want.

The most sensible approach here is to offer the chance to add extra functionality. By showing your willingness to deliver something that hasn’t been asked for you will already be going the extra mile.

Naturally, before you do this you will want to be completely sure that you can actually deliver it. If you can’t be sure then it is best to not mention it all. Perhaps you could note it down as an idea for a possible future project, though.

Arrange for Extra Training

Some ways of going the extra mile won’t be immediately obvious to your stakeholders. They might not even realise at the time that you are doing more than it expected of you.

In these situations, it is likely to be your project team that benefits from the extra effort that you put in. They could receive extra training or mentoring that makes the team stronger for the future challenges that you take on.

You might decide to make the effort to put some of the most experienced team members through their PRINCE2 training London right now. Alternatively, you could plan ahead and work out what training you could sort out now to make life easier in the future.

Come In Under Budget

There are few ways of going the extra mile that will be more greatly appreciated than this one. Everyone loves to see a project come in successfully and under budget. You are sure to make a few people smile if you achieve this.

The biggest danger here is that you compromise on quality in order to save money. It isn’t worth scrimping in order to make a good impression in this way, as it could come back and haunt you later on.

Good planning and organisation are generally the key points for delivering under budget. If you follow the PRINCE2 guidelines then it definitely won’t be impossible to save some money without it affecting the quality of the work that you deliver.