Lots of people have big ideas when it comes to their garden, but it’s hard to implement them due to obvious restrictions. If you have a small patio there are only so many things you can do. Luckily, if you’re creative enough it’s easy to come up with wild and wonderful solutions. I’m sure you’ve already thought hard about how you’re going to tackle the problem, but here are a couple of popular things to help take your imagination to the next level.

Build A Unique Roof

Some people miss important details when thinking of small patio design ideas. They only focus on the ground beneath their feet, but what about the space above your head? Even though you’ll only see the sky at the moment, it’s easy to build a marvelous roof that will proudly cover your patio. They come in all sorts of extravagant shapes and sizes, and they won’t even take up any of the precious real estate on the ground.

One Special Centerpiece

Just because you have a limited amount of space it doesn’t mean you can’t add more than a couple of things to your patio. That being said, to avoid cluttering, it is better if you only choose one special attraction. Inspiration ideas can be found anywhere, all over the internet, in your neighbor’s backyard or your friends house. For example, think along the lines of fire pits or statues. If you’re only going to have one centerpiece you want it to stand out among everything else.


Grow Citrus Trees

There are many things you can grow on your patio, but it would be good to choose something out of the ordinary. How would you feel about growing your own citrus trees? If you opt for dwarf trees there will be more than enough room on your patio, especially when they’re relatively young. You’ll feel like you’re in paradise when you see lemons and limes every time you look around, plus you’ll get to enjoy eating them.

Add A Little Noise

When you’re sitting on the patio you’ll want to hear a little noise to help you relax. You can go with old fashioned wind chimes, or perhaps the sound of running water. Artificial fountain can be a great choice, it has the water feature, looks good and the sound is soothing and relaxing.

Remember The Floor

It’s easy to forget about the patio floor when you’re deciding what to lay on top of it. You’ll be left with a boring floor you won’t even notice when you look down, but it’s one of the simplest things you can change. All you need to do is paint it a bright color that will stand out. You don’t need to go too crazy, but once you’ve chosen what will sit on your patio you can choose a color to compliment it all.

It’s Surprising What You Can Do

If you put your mind to it, you’ll come up with even more great ideas. Don’t think it’s necessarily a disadvantage because there isn’t lots of space available. Mostly it turns out even better if you have to think very carefully about everything you use when designing the perfect patio. Take a piece of paper and sketch out where you’ll put things before doing anything else if you want the best results possible.