In the past it seemed that we were inundated with last minute deals as airlines and hotels slashed prices when they had vacancies which they couldn’t fill. Over time however these last minute deals slowed down as full paying passengers became disgruntled that they had paid more, in spite of their forward planning. With all of this being said however, and aside from whether or not there is a deal to be had, last minute breaks are just the best, and one of my favourite ways to travel. If you are someone that prefers to be well ahead of time for traveling, here are just a few reasons why you should try a last minute break. 


Planning is not always good and in many cases we can over-plan for a vacation. The result of over planning is that you end up with a certain expectation about what you will find on your break, the reality of what you find however may not meet your expectations. With a last minute deal you will go into your trip with a far more open mind, and allow yourself to be surprised by what you find.

Different Trips

When you have lots of time to think of where you’ll go, you will generally stick to the same sort of vacations that you are used to but this is not always the case with a last minute deal. For example in January my partner and I decided one Thursday night that we’d find a deal for a long weekend with no particular place in mind. After looking around we decided to book a last minute cruise, something which we had never done before. Had we booked ahead of time I am sure that neither of us would ever have considered a cruise, but it turns out that we both loved it!


You may not always save money on the trip, but as long as you invest time into booking up, you also are unlikely to overspend compared with booking ahead of time. You will save money in the preparation however, as there will be no time to stock up on new clothes or gadgets for the trip. Last minute deals aren’t what they used to be but you can still save some money when you decide to go last minute. 


Spontaneity and breaking the monotony of life is a key ingredient to your happiness and your ability to cope with the stresses of life. Many get stuck in the same routine each day, which over time can really wear you down. To decide on a whim that you are going to get away for a while, to wherever you happen to find , is a really liberating experience and one that will make you a far happier and more relaxed person.

Why not give it a try next week, take a look online, grab a deal and go have a great time!