The popularity of luxury vinyl tiles has grown over the years. This can be attributed to their durability, easy to clean and unique surface. Today, luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) are the most sought-after flooring options. Most homeowners are replacing their current floors with the latest LVT styles and designs. Unlike other flooring options, these floors combine nature with the latest modern technology. LVT floors are a true interpretation of nature as these tiles resemble wood, stone, marble or slate. To choose the best option for your home, here are some tips to consider.

vinyl floor

Consider its purpose

Where do you want to install this type of floor? This should be your first guide to finding the right vinyl floor. In commercial buildings, for instance, there is a lot of heavy traffic. You need to install tiles that can withstand heavy loads. For such places, choose vinyl floors with a thicker wear layer of about 28mm. It is crucial to note that the floor prints, colour, and patterns are beneath the wear layer. This layer basically protects the floor from scratching or breakage.

Look at the floor material

Vinyl tiles are made of various core materials. The core material determines the tiles durability and ability to withstand heavy loads. You can find quality and legit vinyl floors at


What’s your flooring budget? Vinyl flooring options vary in cost depending on the material used. When shopping for the right vinyl floor, make sure that you compare prices. At times, low prices don’t necessarily mean poor quality.

Room size

In which room do you want to install a tile floor? Make sure you have the measurements before you start your search for the best flooring option. From the measurements, you can have a budget for every floor option.


Are your preferred floor options available on the market? Some flooring companies specialise in specific floor types. It is, therefore, important that you involve a reliable vinyl flooring company. Enquire about whether they can deliver your preferred flooring option.

Consider your colour theme

Your kitchen theme should be your guide when selecting the right vinyl floor colour. Usually, the floor colour and shades should complement your worktop and shelves. If your shelves and countertops have a dark shade, consider installing a bright floor.

There are several professional flooring companies in the UK. It is advisable that you compare these companies to select the best vinyl floor. Enquire about the thickness, core material, and manufacturer. If you have no installation skills, you can hire a reliable flooring expert in your locality. Once installed, you can clean the floors on your own. You don’t need special detergents and equipment to clean vinyl floors.