As fun as going out on the town can be, there’s always a chance that something could go wrong. Here are ten tips to staying safe on a night out.

1. Stick together

The phrase ‘there’s safety in numbers’ shouldn’t be underestimated on a night out; studies show that moving about as a group throughout the night can reduce the risk of you ending up in any frightening and potentially threatening situations. Keep your mates in mind throughout the night and try to deter anyone from leaving a bar on their own or with a stranger. A commonly held misconception is that it’s only important for girls to stick together on a night out, but the reality is that it isn’t safe for anybody to be wandering through the streets alone at night, especially if they’ve been drinking. It’s just as important for lads to remain together in groups as it is for girls.

2. Form a plan

Before you get out, think carefully about how much money you have, where you’re planning on again, and how you’re going to get home. After a heavy night out, the best way to get yourself home safely is to arrange your transport home with a reliable taxi company and travel with a friend at all time; there are plenty of established taxis in Manchester and other big cities. Don’t be tempted to hail down cabs in the street or get into the back of an unmarked taxi; instead, keep the number of a certified taxi company close to hand and always book your transport through the front desk. Booking a taxi through the proper channels ultimately means that there will always be a record of your booking available and you’ll have a point of contact if a problem occurs during your ride. Make sure your phone is suitably charged to survive the night before you leave the house and make sure you have plenty of cash on you – not only to cover the night, but to help you out of any emergency situations that could occur.

3. Keep an eye on your glass

These days, reports of bar goers having their drink spiked by fellow drinkers are rife in the media. Take care to protect yourself by keeping your drink with you at all times and covering the tops of bottles with your thumb when not drinking from them. Ordering your drinks yourself and collecting them directly from the bar man is another way to reduce the risk of your glass being tampered with.

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4. Watch your pace

Whilst we’re on the topic of drinks, it’s important to mention the slightly less pleasant effects that alcohol can have, including reduced inhibitions and increased confidence. Reports of individuals ending up in unpleasant and out-of-character situations because of drinking too much are on the rise, as well as the number of individuals raced to hospital for alcohol related injuries. Pacing yourself throughout the night can help you to keep in charge of your wits and hopefully avoid a hellish next-day hangover. Eating before you go out on the lash can also help stop you from getting too drunk. Drinking a glass of water between each drink is another effective way to stay hydrated and reduce the negative effects of alcohol.

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