It is often said that people in the workforce don’t leave because of a bad job, they leave because of a bad manager. Unfortunately, there is a lot of truth behind this idea. Maintaining a low turnover rate and overall employee satisfaction goes beyond sustaining a safe work environment. A good manager is someone who is not only dedicated to the job but to the people who do it. If you are a manager looking to improve an employer-employee relationship, take a look at the following qualities and ask yourself if you tick all the boxes for your staff.

You Have Been In Their Shoes

An effective manager not only knows how to do the jobs of their employees but has done them before to some degree. It is important to show the individuals working beneath you that you have been in their shoes before and that you understand what it’s like to carry out menial tasks like  appeasing unhappy customers or being on clean-up duty. Letting them know that you can empathize with them and can understand their grievances will foster a mutual respect between you and your employees.

A Good Listener That Remains Open-Minded

Just because you have always done something a certain way doesn’t mean you can’t change things around a bit! If one of your employees comes to you with an idea on how to improve efficiency, achieve better numbers or boost company morale, don’t be scared of change. Remember that a successful company depends on the happiness of those working there. As a boss, it is important to be flexible by allowing your workflow to change according to your employee’s needs. Remain open-minded with them and they’ll do the same with you.

Professional Without Being Distant 

While worker satisfaction is essential within any successful company, an effective manager must draw a line of professionalism that separates themselves from their employees. This balance might not be easy to find depending on the work environment but it will come with time. Your employees need to understand that they can come to you with problems and concerns but that they cannot treat you the same way they would another team member. 

One of the best ways to indirectly reinforce the notion that you are the boss without being too authoritative is to offer up constructive feedback. This will show your employees that you’re invested in what they do but are also seeking to help them improve the quality of their work

Running through this list and finding ways to improve your management style will not only enhance employee morale but will also increase productivity within your company and make everyone’s professional lives all the better.