Are you moving or relocating to a new city? Here are 5 easy ways to feel at home – fast.

I just got off a Zoom call with my best friend Suzy, and she told me how her relocation to New York City was going. I got so inspired by her courage and outgoing spirit that I want to share her tips with you. I think the ideas may come in handy if you’re going on a work trip or a personal exploration.

Suzy decided to move to New York because it had been a life-long dream. I know. It was a bit of a shock when she first told me. Her folks were against it. Her boss wasn’t thrilled due to CDC guidelines. But she was adamant and no one could stop her.

Her determination was somewhere on the spectrum, between stubborn and unstoppable. Sound familiar?

I asked Suzy to give me a run-down of how she managed. Here is her checklist. I hope you find it inspiring—for getting comfy and at home in record time.

1. Check Out Housing Options

The first tip is to look for flexibility and affordability. In New York City, you can snag some of the best NYC apartments when you look for co-housing. These are places that come fully equipped with furniture, bedding, WiFi, and even pots and pans. 

You won’t have to spend your precious time setting up the place. It’s kind of like finding an awesome hotel, but it’s all set up and ready for you.

2. Find Your Neighborhood Basics

I don’t know about you, but my first stop is to find a favorite coffee shop. Yeah, I admit it. I’m the first in line for my favorite drink, a double Americano. If I’ve got that handled, I know I’m stoked. Now, I’m ready to take on more.

Next, I like to find a little store to stock up the fridge. In New York, you can do this in just about every neighborhood. Check out the local greengrocer, probably just a hop-skip-and-a-jump away.

Then, I’m big on finding a place to walk. It could be a local park, walkway, or scenic overlook. 

With these three off my checklist, I’m ready to go. Coffee. Snacks. Walkway. Wherever I am in the world, I’m at home. 

3. Meet Your Neighbors

Maybe it’s how I was raised, but I like to get to know my neighbors. And, what better way than to bring something fun to eat? 

My recent favorite is a charcuterie board of sweet and savory treats. I first started doing this for holidays like Valentine’s Day, but it works at any time of the year.

You don’t have to worry about having something special for everyone’s diet. Plus, if a fruit isn’t in season, you can easily supplement it with what’s handy. It’s a great way to bring something to the common room, dining table, or kitchen.

If you’re in a co-housing building, having a tray of goodies is a great way to break the ice and meet your flatmates.

4. Check Out Local Guidelines

Since Suzy moved to New York, we’ve had a lot of changes in the health and safety guidelines. At times, it was pretty nerve-wracking. But, like much of the country, things have been improving and the number of people getting vaccinated is increasing.

It helps to check for CDC updates to stay tuned for any changes in health and safety protocols. As these also vary from state to state, it’s a good idea to check in with local health associations. 

5. Make Yourself At Home

If you’re in a big city, it helps to make your new space feel like home. I travel with a few objects that make things instantly cozy.

It may sound kind of sentimental, but it works like a charm. 

I always travel with my coffee mug and my French Press. As you can tell, a coffee ritual is important to me. 

I find it’s helpful to travel with a few extra scarves and pictures. These items are lightweight and will instantly transform a room. In just minutes, the décor is complete. It makes me feel calm, at ease, and fully at home.

Sum Up

If you’ve got the travel bug and are relocating to another city, I hope you find these ideas helpful. Adapt these suggestions so it’s easy to personalize your space. And most importantly, “Welcome to your new home!”