Suzuki 1Buying a car is a major purchase and one that needs to be taken very seriously. To be sure that you make a great selection and get the right financing, you must take certain steps that leave you informed and prepared. Here is a guideline that you can use as you shop around for your vehicle:

Look for the Right Car

Be sure that you are looking to purchase a car that fits your exact needs. Before you walk into a car dealership, you should have a basic idea about the type and style of car you would like to purchase and know what cars the dealership has that fits your criteria. Most car dealerships will have their inventories online and you should check them out in advance. Know the model names and compare features and prices. One of your first areas of focus should be reliability. Japanese cars like Toyota and Suzuki, have high reliability ratings, so starting with these companies can be a great decision. Also check comments by owners about the car you have an interest in, make a list, and then go to the dealership.

Don’t Spend Too Much

People too often purchase more car than they can afford or than they actually need. Be clear about what features you need when you purchase the car. If you are in an area where the weather is mild year round, having a feature like heated seats is useless, and an expense you should not incur. Focus only on purchasing those things that you will really need. Things like service contracts and roadside assistance can be a smart purchase especially if you will be doing a lot of driving or you live outside of an area with service stations. Scrutinize each option you seek and remember that each one you want will be an added expense. Also remember more expensive cars will usually end up costing you more auto insurance.

Make Sure you Get a Good Loan or Lease

Most car buyers get a car loan when purchasing their automobile. If you do take a car loan, you should seek to avoid long payment terms. It has become common for car companies to offer financing terms of up to 72 months to buyers. This allows car buyers to buy more expensive cars for what appears to be less payments. But the reality is that because of the longer payment term, you end up paying way too much in interest for your car. Additionally, by the time you pay the car off, it will be worth very little.

If you are looking to lease the car which is now a very popular option and one you should consider, look for shorter term leases that do not have payments that are so low that you will likely end up upside down and owe a balloon payment at its end. If you cannot make the payment for a shorter term lease, that car may be too expensive for you and you need to aim for a cheaper one. Talk seriously with the salesman about these factors to make sure you get the right deal.

Buying a car should be a wonderful experience. Be prepared, and you will own a vehicle that you will fit your needs, and your purse, and that will provide you with great service for years. So, do your homework.