New games come out seemingly every month, and sometimes it’s hard to keep up with what is happening in the grand scheme of the gaming industry. Yet, we all probably have our favourite titles and want to get them as soon as they are available. Problems might start when you face the fact that your bank account may protest to all those new purchases. But that’s where Microsoft Xbox live card can come in handy! It offers many benefits to the user, from direct sales to subscriptions and similar purchases, it can even cover some forms of media, particularly movies or TV shows. This one card can serve as your ultimate ticket to endless entertainment mediums. 

Great payment system

With amazing and ever-expanding selection on the Xbox store, you will surely find something you will like! When you redeem the code, it gets added to your account’s balance. The balance functions as a virtual wallet, and you can increase it by using the PIN found on the Microsoft Xbox live card, then simply pay for items on Xbox or Microsoft stores with no additional hassle. It’s fast, secure, and easy. 

That is also the reason why the card is perfectly suited for minors. As children cannot have credit cards themselves, their parents are responsible for their purchases. But it may be of vast inconvenience to bring out your credit card for every tiny item that might cost a dollar or so. Should you charge the child’s balance with 10 or so dollars, these small transactions could be done by him/her. Microsoft Xbox live card saves up time and also, is quite a good tool for teaching the foundation principles of saving and spending. 

New and exclusive games

Xbox store contains plenty of games for your console. If you like mystery games where you solve puzzles, you may check out the new up and coming indie developers for their take on the genre. Or perhaps, RPGs are more enticing to you, and you want to get the latest in the franchise. The vast library of Xbox store will give you many options and genres to pick from, ensuring you will receive the gameplay you will truly have fun with. Microsoft Xbox live card could also provide access to the Xbox exclusives, the titles that are released only for Xbox console. This may invoke the feeling of belonging to a special club and as a gamer, it can certainly boost the levels of enjoyment. 

Xbox Live Gold

One of the best things you would buy with the card is the subscription to Xbox Live Gold. This service provides many perks, the main one being free games you get each month. The titles, once downloaded, are added to your library, and will stay there even when their respective month ends; thus, your Microsoft Xbox live card can earn you rewards extending far beyond its initial purchase. The genres and types of free games rotate, never staying the same. On one month it might be a fun adventure suitable for the whole family, on another – you get a shooter you can play with friends! 

And speaking of friends, Xbox Live Gold also gives you access to multiplayer, ensuring you will be able to connect with your friends and share your losses and victories with them! Innovative matchmaking will link you to other players of similar skill-level, as the subscription you purchase with Microsoft Xbox live card will not purposely set you up with a more advanced player who might ultimately ruin your experience, unless you are that more advanced player… then you won’t be able to ruin it for others. 

Sales and bargains

Discounts are valued by everyone who purchases… well, anything. And games are obviously not an exception, especially as they can be fairly expensive at times. To battle this, you can time your purchases with the bargains on various marketplaces that might save you quite a hefty sum. Wait until the right moment and take advantage of the aforementioned Xbox Live Gold, then you’ll benefit from it even more. 

But even the singular games within the store can be worth it, and when you use Microsoft Xbox live card to charge your account, you can calmly and wait for those sales and get them the moment they appear. Since you won’t be needing any additional information, you’ll just have to simply press few buttons and you are good to go! 

Entertainment for family 

The common belief that Microsoft and Xbox only offer games, in reality is a major misconception. While both platforms certainly possess interest in gaming industry, these platforms also offer services to rent and buy movies, television series, software, apps, and plenty more! So, if you are looking for something fun to watch with the whole family, or perhaps you want an adventure flick to keep the mood light during a dinner, Microsoft Xbox live card can grant you access to the great library of the numerous forms of entertainment media that will surely offer something to catch your eye. 

Universal flexibility

All in all, the Xbox card is a great gift to both others and you. You can get the newest and best games with it, pay for in-game items and additional content, as well as order movies to watch and enjoy. It is also child-friendly, since minors can utilize the card without drawing on their parents’ credit. Various subscriptions may be bought using the card and if you are not ready to splurge the entire amount at once, use your Microsoft Xbox live card to increase the account’s balance and rest assured your funds will be waiting for you till the end of days, or at least until you decide otherwise.