Are you trying to recover financially from the coronavirus?

The good news is that the unemployment rate in America has gone down to 7.9 percent as businesses start to open back up. However, a lot of people are still finding it difficult to make ends meet.

If you’re considering taking out a loan to help cover your expenses, then we can help. In this article, we’ll review the different types of loans, and how they work. By carefully selecting the loan you take out, you can set yourself up for success!

Read on to learn which loans would be best for your financial situation.

Auto Loans

Do you need a loan to help you get a car?

Here’s a list of the different types of auto loans you could apply for:

  • Secured auto loan
  • Unsecured auto loan
  • Simple interest loan
  • Precomputed interest loan

First, you’ll need to decide if you want a secured or unsecured auto loan. Secured auto loans usually mean that the lender will put a lien on the vehicle you’re buying, or some other asset you own.

In the event you don’t pay, the lender can then repossess the asset they have a lien on. Examples of secured auto loans include balloon loans and fleet auto loans.

Next, unsecured auto loans mean that the lender won’t be repossessing any assets if you miss payments. Instead, the lending institution will go after you through the court system if you don’t pay. Typically, unsecured loans have higher interest rates since they present a larger risk to the lender.

Personal Loan Types

If you need a loan for something other than a car, you should look into getting a personal loan. Here’s a shortlist of the different types of loans you can apply for that can either be secured or unsecured:

  • Variable-rate loans
  • Fixed-rate loans
  • Debt consolidation loans

Do you have less than stellar credit? If yes, then you’ll want to explore secured personal loans to help keep your interest rates low.

Business Loans

Do you need a loan to keep your business running smoothly? Sites like, helps business owners get both secured and unsecured loans. You can also look into opening up a line of business credit.

Payday Loans

Last but not least, payday loans should only be used as a last resort option. For instance, if you need fast money to keep the power on in your home, a payday loan could help.

Every year about 12 million Americans find themselves turning to payday loans to help save the day. However, the issue with these loans is that they come with incredibly high-interest rates and penalties.

Choosing Between Different Types of Loans

Now that you know more about the different types of loans, which one are you going to choose? Remember that if you opt for a secured loan, you’ll have some type of asset on the line if you fail to make your payments. However, as long as you pay the loan off on time, you won’t have to worry about anything being repossessed.

Go ahead and talk to a financial advisor today to find out what type of loan will work best with your situation. For more tips like the ones in this article, explore the rest of this site.