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Planning a vacation and not sure where you should go? Here’s why you should pack up your bags and head to The USA.

Getting In

The States really does want you to come visit. The ESTA Visa Waiver is available for citizens of 39 countries, which includes most of the European Union countries. You can apply for your ESTA online. Once approved, holders have ninety days of access to the United States.

It’s Family Friendly

Kids in tow? No problem. The American culture is one that respects family values. Restaurants almost always feature kids menus, and people are kind and welcoming to children. Furthermore, many hotels will offer cots or cribs, and car rental companies often rent out car seats too.

The States isn’t just friendly to its youngest visitors; it also has endless entertainment for them. Disneyworld is simply magical and is guaranteed to have you smiling. Arcades, fairs, zoos, designated children’s museums, shows for kids… no matter which area you choose to visit, fun activities for kids are abundant.


The United States is a very large and versatile place. From seaside locations, to lakeside locations, from desert to luscious green forests to urban jungles… Whatever landscape you’re hoping to see chances are The States has got it.

From sun seekers to those looking for snow, weather-wise The States has it all. Enjoying a fruity cocktail beachfront in Florida is a delight, but really so is sipping hot cocoa by the fire in a cottage in Vail. Looking for wind in your hair? Chicago has been endearingly nicknamed ‘The Windy City’.


It can be difficult to travel to a country whose inhabitants speak a different language than the one you’re used to. Anyone who’s made it this far into the article has a pretty great grasp on the English language so that in itself makes the States a convenient place to visit! Spanish is also spoken by many Americans and in the bigger cities most information is displayed in both languages.

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The Food

Tasting new and delicious foods is one of the great joys of traveling! Food trucks and street food are unique ways to get to know your destination, and luckily for you, the food truck culture is growing rapidly in The US. And for those who have spent a full day sightseeing and worked up an appetite? Head to a typical American Diner for big portion sizes and creamy milkshakes. If you prefer to treat yourself to a dinner filled with class and glamor, New York City fine-dining hotspot Colicchio and Sons Main Dining Room won’t disappoint.

So book your flights, get your visa sorted, and pack up your kids for the vacation of a lifetime! Whether you choose to hit the slopes, the beach, or check out the metropolitan buzz of New York City, The United States is sure to put a big smile on your face and have you wanting to come back for more.

Bon Voyage!

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