Moving as a single person can be challenging. Moving as a couple can also pose some difficulty. However, moving with your family is a whole other different situation.  First of all, you have children to keep entertained throughout the process, and secondly, children tend to have a lot of belongings, meaning your move will be that much more time-consuming.

Before you begin to stress, regardless of how big of a move you may have before you, there are ways you can make it easier. Preparation is the name of the game when moving with your family to your new home. Here are some key tips for streamlining the process: 

Plan your moving day in advance

People should always plan their move in advance. There are simply too many variables and details to leave your packing to the last possible second. When it comes to moving your big family, scheduling a specific date, making sure you have Bay Area movers booked, and knowing that everything will be ready for moving day is paramount to getting through the process stress-free.

Additionally, planning your move with your children can help you to include them in the process. A big move can be hard on children, as they tend to be creatures of habit and may miss their old neighborhood, park, home, friends, or city, depending on where or how far you’re moving. Making sure they have something to look forward to with the move can make it easier for them.

Keep essentials out, pack the rest

Children need to use a lot of things, and when it comes to packing up your home, it can be difficult to know what to pack and what to leave out. This is where your previous planning will come in handy. Make a moving checklist and write down the must-have items they’ll need throughout the weeks before the move. 

From their sports clothes to their daily outfits, you’ll want to leave out enough clothing and accessories to make it through the weeks before your move while getting ahead and packing up the non-essentials, like excess creative toys, coloring books, and so forth. Get ahead by packing up what you know they won’t need until you’re all moved in. During this time, if you have items you want to get rid of, consider donating children’s items to nonprofits for kids. 

Use technology for fun

If you have a lot of art supplies, paper, crafts, coloring books, and more, this may be a good time to go ahead and pack it all up so you can start making progress. While you may limit technology for your kids on a regular basis, consider making the moving month a time where they get to watch a few more cartoons than normal. This can also help free your time to do some packing while they’re entertained watching their favorite shows. 

Consider asking family to help

If you want to make sure the whole process is easy and relaxed, consider asking a family member for help. If your move is in the summer and the kids haven’t seen their grandparents in a while, think about asking them to help out so that you can pack up your home easily and efficiently. 

Not only does this ensure your kids have a good time during the process, but it also helps everyone stay safe. You and your partner can focus on packing everything in an organized way without distractions and can eliminate stress during the moving process.  

In Conclusion

A move with your family can be exciting but also a bit challenging. Whether the little ones go spend time with family or stay home and “help you move,” planning ahead is the best course of action for your move to a new home with your family